Conceptual Design – Establish Scope of Work, Budget Analysis, Research (Code, Zoning + Compliance Review), As-Built Drawings, Conceptual Imagery, Contractor Coordination, Client Approval of Program/Scope of Work and Budget

Schematic Design – Preliminary Plans, Contractor Recommendation(s), Initial Bid(s) by Contractor(s), Floor Plan(s), Elevations, Preliminary Cost Estimate for Scope of Work Based on Submitted Bids (Demolition, Electrical, Millwork, Plumbing, HVAC, Painting, Tiling, Etc.) and Client Approval of Floor Plans and Elevations

Design Development – Outline Specifications for Scope of Work (Furniture, Fixtures, Finishes and Equipment (F, F, F + E) for Client Review and Approval, Reflected Ceiling Plan, Consultant’s Drawings (2D + 3D), Cost Estimate Review Based on Actual Selections + Related Installation/Application Costs, Cost Estimate Revision by Contractor and Client Approval of Selections Made for Purchase and Delivery

Construction Documents – Technical Drawings and Specifications Coordinated by Nokta Studio and All Involved vendors for Final Review (Cabinet + Built-Ins Design), Purchases for (F,F,F + E) Approval, Hardware, Lighting and Accessories Approval, Cabinet and Built-Ins Approval, Coordination of Construction Details and Contractor Review and Client Approval

Construction Bidding + Approval –Contractor to Provide Final Pricing Based on Submitted Drawings and Specifications by Nokta Studio LLC and All Coordinating Vendors, Contractor to Review and Approve Feasibility of All Documents and Specifications Submitted by Nokta Studio LLC and Coordinating Vendors, + Client Approval of All of the Listed Above

Construction Administration – Review Shop Drawings + Work With Fabricators, Site Visits During Construction Phases + Installations/Deliveries, Answer Contractor Questions, Site Meetings With Contractor and Vendors, Observation Services (Project Management), Provide Additional Drawings, Information + Design Feedback, Punch List + Client Communication